It’s an Offbeat Suite at 8 Gladstone

12 Sep 2013 | Categories: Interior Design | Posted by: Seven Haus


The National Post

Much like its Queen West neighbourhood, 8 Gladstone is bold and creative (lots of the suite’s nifty knickknacks were actually scooped from the area). The 760-square-foot model is ablaze with bright yellow and red, interspersed with funky furniture for a look that’s bound to provoke a love or hate response. “We wanted to make it high-end design, but mix it with a really clever vintage feel,” says Jeff Schnitter, principal with Seven Haus Design. It’s an “active space,” the designer says. “Our goal was ‘Let’s make it exciting; let’s make it alive.’ ” Suites at 8 Gladstone, a project by Streetcar Developments, range in size from 510 to 1,212 square feet, starting from the low $200,000s. The sales office is located at 1230 Queen St. W. and is open Monday to Thursday from noon to 6 p.m. and weekends from noon to 5 p.m. For more information, call 416-690-9009 or visit

  1. The Urban Mode desk is new, but feels old, emphasized by the vintage typewriter on top. “It’s not overstated — it doesn’t need to be, because the rest of the space [is exciting enough],” Mr. Schnitter says
  2. A memory board, full of cards, tickets and other keepsakes is both personal and pleasing to look at. “It’s not about having generic posters,” the designer says.
  3.  Ensuring a bold entrance, the yellow den is the first thing visitors see. The magazines clip­ped to one wall act as art that’s easily interchanged to the homeowner’s interests. “It gives you a really good snapshot of someone,” Mr. Schnitter explains.
  4. Mirrored at its base, with a black-glass top, the coffee table adds a sense of the “refined,” the designer says. The yellow tray on top helps tie the suite together. “It speaks back towards the den,” he says. “The yellow really pops off it.”
  5. The UpCountry floor lamp has a “throwback feel” that appealed to the designer; it played on both the high-design and vintage vibes he wanted to layer into the suite.“Ict’s unique — it has a lot of character to it,” Mr. Schnitter says.
  6.  The eight-foot-tall mirror was “found in this little antique shop on Queen West,” the designer says. It was transformed with a coat of black paint and placed behind the sofa to give the space a grander feel.

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