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Old Hollywood glitz and glam mixed with an ultra-contemporary aesthetic may seem like an odd combination, but designer Jessica Helps makes it workin the model suite for Twenty. “It’s my most favourite kind of hybrid”, says the principal with Seven Haus Design. “You have beautiful vintage pieces that have so much character and are totally glamorous, and they are mixed with Eames rockers and concrete columns.”

The colour palette in the two-bedroom space (located at the newly constructed 8 Gladstone building) is black and white, but accents of gold, mustard yellow, red and green pop upto add drama. “It plays off the old Hollywood look: black-and-white film, black-and-white photographs. We used that as our base and added brighter finishes,” the designer says.

  1. “We liked the idea of a rocking chair,” Ms. Helps says. And these white plastic Eames rockers add contemporary shape and material to the space, contrasting with the Hollywood glam decor for a more “easy-going” and “casual” vibe, the designer adds. “They’re great for sitting back and relaxing.”
  2. This egg-shaped coffee table from Home Craft Décor certainly stands out, while highlighting a new fashion trend: the re-emergence of gold as a popular accent colour. “When you have that one central piece, it becomes this special icon that sets the space off,” Ms. Helps says.
  3. “The tufting and the rollback immediately evoke thoughts of an older fashion – it has that vintage look,” Ms. Helps says of this white bicast leather sofa from Design Republic. It’s flanked by acrylic side tables from Style Garage, which disappear into the space and let the gold-toned lamps shine.
  4. Texture is just as important as colour in this suite, and this shag area rug is one example, contrasting with the caviar-black brushed hardwood floors. Texture also comes into play in the furry white and velour green and gold accent pillows on the sofa.
  5. Want drama? Wallpaper is one way to get it. And this mustard yellow, white and black patterned wallpaper from Marimekko, used behind the bed in the master bedroom, is certainly dramatic. “It’s a bold choice,” Ms. Helps says, “but you’re not going to forget this room.”
  6. Ms. Helps accessorizes the master bedroom’s busy wallpaper with these elaborate vintage gold mirrors – another bold choice some would veer away from. “It’s Hollywood glamour to add ornate on top of pattern,” she says. “Those mirrors are very ornate, bordering on ostentatious, but somehow they work.”


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