About The Firm

At Seven Haus Design we have established a multi-disciplinary studio that encompasses all aspects of design and translates our creative inventiveness into
commercial and residential interiors by mixing three disciplines: interior design, architecture and graphic design.

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The Team

Jessica Helps, B.Des
A background developed in Environmental Design and extensive experience refining her craft with various other firms, Jessica became a founding member and principal of Seven Haus Design.

Inspired by the ever changing urban platform, Jessica brings leading edge design concepts to reality by juxtaposing different elements and materials with an innovative approach.

Her technical and detailed work lead way for bold and dynamic designs, which are visually engaging and meticulously tested for constructibility.

Over the course of her career, Jessica’s design work has been featured on a national level, in publications such as House & Home magazine, The Toronto Star, In Style Magazine, The Globe and Mail and The National Post.

Jeff Schnitter, B.Arch
Trained in Architecture at the University of Toronto, Jeff is one of the founders and a principal of Seven Haus Design.

As a proponent of progressive architecture and design, he has worked on numerous commercial, mixed-use and multi- residential projects throughout his career.

By developing a highly effective process of integration, Jeff’s work spans the spectrum of design within a project, connecting large-scale urban gestures with their finite details.

His passion for urban design revolves around an equal balance of both form and function.


Hannah Waisberg, B.A, D.ID
Team Leader
With a strong background in the development industry, Hannah brings her vast knowledge of multi-unit residential design to the team. This enables her to fluidly instill program into design elements for beautifully functioning spaces.

Her attention to efficiency and simplicity with a touch of luxury create design that stands the test of time.

Penny Lane Eves, B.ID
Design Manager
Penny has been a force since she entered the design industry, having studied and worked across different parts of the world. Her experience, aesthetic and attention to detail allow her to push the boundaries of form and function.

Inspired by the city’s changing fabric and hidden beauty she is constantly evolving spatial environments for the urban dweller to live, work and play in.



Ada Leung, B.ID
Ada has emerged in the interior design world with a strong technical background, an experienced understanding of physical space and a genuine interest in making her designed environments impressively detailed and intelligently beautiful.

Having had the opportunity to work internationally, Ada brings a refined logic and well-articulated design solutions to all project challenges.

Richard Barker, B.ID
Having a broad background in project co-ordination, Richard leverages his knowledge of construction and design in a fully integrated approach to his work.

He is a highly conceptual thinker who immerses himself into the finite details of a project with intense organisation and a strong understanding of the client’s needs.


Elena Moliotsias, B.A, M.ID
Elena’s commitment to evolving and communicating her ideas through engaging design allow her to bring a fresh perspective from her studies and travels abroad.

Inspired by the arts, travelling and people, Elena takes design problems and offers creative solutions with integrity and visual appeal. Her inquisitive and detailed approach, develops exciting materials and forms which affect the end user and stimulate the senses.

Justin Vinet, B.DES
Using a multi-disciplinary state of mind in order to produce well rounded, innovative results, Justin’s interests lie in commercial & hospitality design.
By keeping to the edge of the design forefront with his keen interest in architecture, urban planning, graphic and industrial design, art and photography, he derives current and fresh design solutions.

His immersive technical background and extensive on-site build experience which he employs to complex project parameters to produce creative, interesting, and functional solutions.

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    Fueled by our passion and excitement to approach each project with the highest degree of function and most unique materials, we collaborate in an integrated process to achieve bold, & elegantly executed solutions to every design project.